GPS Freeracing

Freeracing is a new GPS-based race format that is rapidly increasing in popularity. Instead of racing around buoys, competitors pick their own course in a pre-defined area. They go as fast as they can for a pre-defined period of 15 or 30 minutes - whoever covers the most distance wins.

Minimum Wind Requirement / Alternate Speed Winner

GPS Freeracing will only be done if the wind exceeds 15 knots (in contrast, there is no wind minimum for regular racing). If the wind conditions do not allow for GPS Freeracing to take place during the ECWF Cape Cod 2016, we will instead award speed rankings based on GPS speeds obtained within the 6 days before the event (September 11-16). To qualify, the following conditions have to be met:

  • Sailing area: northeastern coastal USA (Main - New Jersey)
  • Speed category: 5 x 10 seconds
  • Data files must be submitted by email to the event organizers by 3 pm, September 16, 2016
  • The winner must be present at the price giving ceremony at the ECWF Cape Code 2016 on Sunday, September 18

GPS units used must meet the same requirements as for GPS freeracing outlined below.

Super-X Freeracing

If we should get strong onshore or side onshore winds that permit sailing close to the beach, we will add a twist to the GPS Freeracing: we will mark a smaller area right in front of the spectators, and every competitor who does a trick in this area gets bonus distance. Only one trick per crossing will count, so you can't win by only doing freestyle. To encourage spectacular tricks, there's a chance to win "double bonus" points by doing tricks that get a loud reaction from the spectators. So bring you planed loops, air flakas, and planed-through Grubbies! Tricks have to match the skill levels - PWA sailors have to show aerial, body drags, or similar moves, but intermediates can do simpler tricks like sail or sail-body 360s.

Super-X Freeracing will make it possible for freestylers to beat fast speedsurfers - as long as they put on a superb show! But note that the Super-X "trick bonus" rules will only be in effect of we get southerly (SE to WSW) wind, so make sure to listen carefully at the skippers meeting!

GPS Units

The only GPS units allowed for the GPS Freeracing are Locosys GW-52, GT-31, and GT-11 units, and Canmore GP 102 units. Units must be set up to record at a rate of 1 Hz or higher. Participants should bring their own GPS units, although a small number of GPS loaner units will be available at the event.