The racing format we've come up with has been very successful and gives those a chance without the latest and greatest gear to claim a victory!

Race Classes (Divisions)

- Open class: There is no sail size limit, so bring the biggest, fastest thing you can find and go crazy! This is where the most experienced racers tend to compete.


- 7.5 limited: This is by far the most popular and therefore competitive class. The biggest sail you can use in this class is a 7.5 meter sail.


- Women's: You're limited to a 7.5 meter sail in the women's class as well.


- "Shortboard/SUP": This class is for shortboards and sailable SUPs without daggerboards or similar center fins. The maximum sail size is limited to 6.5 m, and the maximum board length is 11 feet (335 cm).


Scoring for the racing will be on a point system. In each race, the first place sailor will get .75 points, 2nd place, 2 points, 3rd place 3 points, etc. At the end of the competition, the sailor with the lowest amount of points wins.

We will have one discard for every 5 races (if we do 5 races, your worst result does not count). We will also add one discard for every Super-X freerace - you can still win even if you don't join the freeracing!

Although all sailors will be on the water at the same time, each class will be scored individually. And remember, to find out who will become the new King or Queen of the East, we add up both the racing and freestyle scores to find an overall champion.

GPS Freeracing

Freeracing is a new GPS-based race format that is rapidly increasing in popularity. Instead of racing around buoys, competitors pick their own course in a pre-defined area. They go as fast as they can for a pre-defined period of 15 or 30 minutes - whoever covers the most distance wins. Freeracing will be scored separately from regular racing.


Unlike racing and freestyle, GPS Freeracing has a wind minimum requirement (about 15 knots). If we do not get enough wind to allow for GPS Freeracing during the event, we will instead award a GPS Speed trophy based on GPS results obtained in the week before the event; for full details, please check the "GPS Racing" page.


If the wind direction is sufficiently onshore, we will add a crowd-pleasing twist to turn the GPS Freeracing into "SuperX Freeracing": we will mark a smaller area right in front of the spectators, and every competitor who does a trick in this area gets bonus distance. Only one trick per crossing will count, so you can't win by only doing freestyle. To encourage spectacular tricks, there's a chance to win "double bonus" points by doing tricks that get a loud reaction from the spectators. So bring you planed loops, air flakas, and planed-through Grubbies! Tricks have to match the skill levels - PWA sailors have to show aerial, body drags, or similar moves, but intermediates can do simpler tricks like sail or sail-body 360s.


We will have a limited number of GPS loaner units available, but if you own a GW-52, GT-31, or Canmore GP102, make sure to bring it!