ECWF Cape Cod Registration

To register for the ECWF Cape Code 2016, please fill out the form below.

Name (first and last):
Events you plan to participate in:
Racing   Freestyle   GPS Freeracing



Sail number (if you have one):

After registering, you will have the option to pay the $20 registration fee on the next page. The on-site registration fee at the day of the event will be $30.

A limited number of GPS loaner units will be available for the GPS Freeracing. The fee for borrowing a GPS for the freeracing is $10 (payable at the event).

Who's registered already

  1. Edward Spencer
  2. Mike Burns
  3. Christina Burns
  4. Pam Levy
  5. Boris Vujasinovic
  6. Peter Kimball
  7. Brian Ledbetter
  8. Steven Sosnin
  9. Bart Kornas
  10. Joe Natalie
  11. Henrikas Rimkus
  12. Alena Ashenberg
  13. Arnold Roest
  14. Moses Arbel
  15. ... what are you waiting for?