ECWF Cape Cod Registration

To register for the ECWF Cape Code 2014, please fill out the form below.

Name (first and last):
Events you plan to participate in:
Racing Freestyle
Sail number (if you have one):

The registration fee of $20 for one or both events is due at the day of the event when you sign in.

Who's registered already

  1. Caesar Finies
  2. Mike Burns
  3. Pam Levy
  4. Dani Sfeir
  5. Sabah Daaboul
  6. John Yanusas
  7. Dennis Grunbeck
  8. Brian Ledbetter
  9. Myles Borash
  10. Igor Prikhodko
  11. Alex Gleyzer
  12. Bill DeStefano
  13. Gene Gleyzer
  14. Jerry Evans
  15. Philip Mann
  16. Jeanne Baumann
  17. Chris Eldridge
  18. Jeynaba Toure
  19. Stephen Foy
  20. Liz Patton
  21. Kevin Roberts
  22. Doug Grainger
  23. Sean Jancski
  24. Rick Whidden
  25. Alena Ashenberg
  26. Edward Spencer
  27. Pete Ford
  28. Art Spangel
  29. Guillaume Ruelland
  30. Jean-Robert Wilhelmy
  31. Ari Yezegel
  32. Jay Baldwin
  33. Gary Pikovsky
  34. Martin Schauer
  35. Asya Pikovsky
  36. Barbara Baldwin
  37. Sebastian Cuyjet
  38. Boris Ruchansky
  39. Eric Skilbred
  40. Joseph Giordano
  41. Jeff Bull
  42. ... what are you waiting for?

Note that this list is updated manually, so it might take a bit after registering for your name to show up here. Only registrations with full names (first and last) will be accepted.