ECWF Registration

The online registration for East Coast Windsurfing Festivals is currently closed. It will be available approximately 6 weeks before each ECWF. In 2014, we plan to have an ECWF in Long Island on June 14-15, and on Cape Cod on September 13-14. Please note that these dates are currently tentative, and may change.

ECWF Cape Cod 2013 Results

The ECWF Cape Cod 2013 took place on September 14-15 at Kalmus Beach Park, Hyannis. Over two sunny days, 34 windsurfers had tons of fun competing in 6 windsurfing races, multiple freestyle heats, and SUP races.

Racing - Men's Open Division

  1. Gonzalo Giribet
  2. John Yanusas
  3. Pete Roesch
  4. Sean Jancski
  5. Jay Baldwin

Racing - Men's 7.5 Division

  1. Jerry Evans
  2. Dani Sfeir
  3. Mike Burns
  4. Alex Gleyzer
  5. Gene Gleyzer

Racing - Women's Division

  1. Liz Patton
  2. Jeanne Baumann
  3. Jill Marr
  4. Pam Levy

Freestyle - Men's Pro Division

  1. Mike Burns (King of the East)
  2. Jerry Evans
  3. Gonzalo Giribet

Freestyle - Men's Amateur Division

  1. Rich Simmons
  2. Edward Spencer
  3. Martin Schauer

Freestyle - Women's Division

  1. Christina Burns (Queen of the East)
  2. Jeanne Baumann
  3. Pam Levy